Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Newsletter Preview

Professional Remodeler Magazine names Weidmann a Market Leader

2011 Atlanta Market Leaders
  1. Renewal Design-Build       3,716,296
  2. Weidmann & Associates    3,356,077
  3. Masterworks Atlanta          2,998,711
“As lean as remodeling companies have become over the past three years, a modest uptick in demand could quickly convert this from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market.” — Daniel J. Weidmann, Weidmann & Associates

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weidmann Named Market Leader


Roswell Based Remodeler, Weidmann & Associates, Inc., Named 2010 Market Leader

ROSWELL, Ga.— Professional Remodeler Magazine recognized Weidmann & Associates, Inc., a Roswell based residential remodeling company, as the top remodeling company in metro Atlanta. In its annual Market Leader’s list, the magazine identifies the five largest companies in 20 top remodeling markets.

First making it to the head of the Professional Remodeler Market Leader list in 2008, Weidmann has been in business since 1989.  Owned by brothers, Dan and Bill Weidmann, the company has completed over 600 remodeling projects to date.  Focusing on design/build projects in the north metro Atlanta area, “the firm’s success is a direct result of the company’s employees and their dedication to providing clients a pleasant experience,” said President, Dan Weidmann. As a city resident, Dan is proud to have the company’s Roswell connection specifically mentioned in the national publication. 

For more information about Weidmann & Associates Inc., please visit or call Dan Weidmann at (770) 552-8396. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Checklist


-See if exterior doors close tightly: Do they sag? Do they rub their door frames? Are latch plates or hinges loose? If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, spend some sweat equity to straighten the way your doors hang.

-Replace worn-out weatherstriping. If you can't find exact replacements, spring plastic strips, V-strips, or tubular gaskets make good alternatives.

-Repair air leaks around windows. On a windy day, use a lighted candle to find air infiltration. Make sure storm windows are in place. Fix broken caulk around window exterior. Replace broken weatherstriping. On old leaky windows, consider using plastic sheet insulator kits.

-Remove debris from window wells. 

-Remove leaves and twigs from gutters, downspouts, and leaf strainers.

-Check storm drains for debris.

-Examine your foundation for signs of termites.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Maintenance Tips

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us at the NARI tour of homes! We had a great turnout and wonderful fall weather! Here are some "Maintenance Tips" to get ready for the colder weather... 

Clean all Exterior Wood

Keeping the exterior of your home clean is not just for appearances.  If left to grow, wood destroying fungi and mold can and will do damage to exterior trim.  It is advisable to have a professional painter or pressure washer clean your house, because working with water near outside power lines is a dangerous job.

Exterior Caulking

Believe it or not it is very common for caulking to be the only thing between the inside of your walls and the elements.  It is recommended to use top quality caulk when doing this each Spring and Fall season.  Even hairline cracks if left unchecked can cause major damage to a home.

Furnace Filter

With your furnace in constant use during the winter months, check out the new high-efficiency pleated air filters.  And because the pleats have more area, it takes three times longer for the filter to become saturated with dust and dirt. It is recommended that these filters be changed every 90 days, verses 30 days for standard filters.